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Meet Your Marketing Consultant
Ottis Bunning is a creative Marketing Specialist with 18+ years of experience in several key industries.

Ottis became a Marketing Consultant because he's passionate about helping business owners take control of their digital footprint & reputation by showing them how to use all of their tools & resources to increase visibility & generate business!
Value in Versatility
"Hybrid - Jack of All Trades"

Ottis takes great pride in being a versatile & valuable asset to everyone he comes in contact with.

Knowledge & experience are 2 very important factors when it comes to choosing who to work with & OTB Marketing has both!
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Experience is Everything!
To be successful, you have to have a plan but more importantly, you must know what your goal is & what you're working towards. 

When it comes to exprience & skills, it's all about delivery & communication. It all starts with listening to your client & then addressing their needs. 

If you can't listen & communicate with your client, you might as well be speaking a different language.
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